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The joys of WFH

In life I am fortunate. There are many joys. Today I was lucky enough to be working from home and this brought its own particular joys. I know we don’t all have this luxury, some don’t have a job; some … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye

She strode across Westminster as Big Ben struck ten, his sonorous voice sounding each strike evenly. The evening had started with trepidation and some dread. Endings were never easy and this was a particularly difficult ending to bear. It had … Continue reading

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Leaving the Big Tower and not by choice

We are being disbanded, deleted and its Driving destructive doubts into our fragile minds Our days here are numbered Dare we desire, dream a little, depart from the norm To do something extraordinary, exhilarating and exciting That does take nerve … Continue reading

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Wobbly auto pilot

I am in control it’s fine “all good” as they say (stupid expression, hate it, but no space for that right now). Then I step off the kerb – crash – it’s much further than and I think a jarring, … Continue reading

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