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Time Bookends

03:45 The time when most people are fast asleep. Dreaming and rejuvenating. Normally waking at this time, she would be dragged into life, furry eyed and gritty mouthed, into slow alertness. This time it was a relief. The nagging, throbbing … Continue reading

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A luncheon of contrasts

Dinner services; crockery and ceramic are a passion for Michel. Every morning he lovingly loads the boxes of wrapped pieces into the back of his Citroën and drives along the coast. He really does live in a film – en the … Continue reading

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The exciting life of Mini Trevor

Mini Trevor felt a frisson of anticipation, something was going on and he was the centre of all the attention. Objects were massing in a cloud around him, some ordered and some chaotic. One with sparkles appeared and the later … Continue reading

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