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New perspectives

A beautiful winter morning provided some new perspectives The early morning light gives a new angle on the familiar world Up in the sky a big bellied beast lurks low on the horizon Crawling along in the circuit, the sun … Continue reading

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Patterns left behind

Its frosty, cold and sharp The sky has an orange tone and the puddles of standing water have frozen shut. The sheep sit huddled in bundles on the spiky, sharp grass Like me, they are waiting for the temperature to … Continue reading

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Hot Water Bottles

One of the best accessories for winter. When I was little my Grandma had a collection of hot water bottles. We called them “hotti botties”. They hung in a row on the back of the door to the cupboard under … Continue reading

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I started and then I got distracted

My musing about my cold did not stop nor did my list of things I wanted to share. What did get in the way was wondering about how self-centered and introverted the world would become if all we did was … Continue reading

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When you have time to reflect

I have a hideous and rotten cold. It’s caused me to reflect on the times in the past when I have also been suffering with a cold. In no particular order these times were: – When I was living in … Continue reading

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