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A peckish moment

A plump bird, the soft grey downy feathers looked warm and cosy, protecting the vulnerable breast. Brown legs designed for balancing, the muscles are taunt and tense, the perfect drumstick. Bright eyes are closed. His beak is open. Red berries … Continue reading

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A list of lust

Beautiful bewicks, Perfectly painted pintails Majestic mutes, Raucous rooks Tantalising tufted, Glorious golden-eyes Tidy teal, Sharp suited shelducks Plentiful Pochard, Whistling wigeon Waistcoated white fronts Candid Canadas, Morose mallards Creating coots, Reticent redshank

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Corvus cacophony

They are the black birds of the Corvidae family. These birds are the blackest of black and they don’t have yellow eye rings and orange bills – they are not Blackbirds. The only styling they allow might be a touch of grey. … Continue reading

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The Gorgeous (ex-battery) Girls

Before Christmas I wrote about the Chicken Christmas Card and how the new ex-battery girls were quite frankly a mess. No feathers, bald, shy, unsure. You can see from the Christmas card that one of them is so embarrassed that … Continue reading

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Waking in a new place

Its different waking up on the river. If you are lucky enough to stay on the river as a guest the first thing you notice is the gentle (and mostly) quiet movement of your bed and you realise that it … Continue reading

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Catalogue of sightings

We go through life seeing and not noticing what we see. This is my catalogue of recent sightings. Monday A line of people snaking out of the door feeding their coffee habit (or is it a cult). Each with a … Continue reading

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The Chicken Christmas Card *updated with photo*

Do read the tale of a special Chicken Christmas Card. This card is not for sale you can buy chicken card from the Hens Welfare Trust. “I’ll come over and visit” I confirmed, “just for the day and we can … Continue reading

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How did they decide on the name?

When you are a bit of a Birder, it’s very exciting to see new visitors. All week I have been feeding and watering the birds. Great tits; blue tits; sparrows and dunnocks; (male) blackbirds and a female blackbird in fancy … Continue reading

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