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How hard it is to be an original writer Every word I know I have learnt from someone else Every sentence I write has probably been written And every idea I have will be a variation on a theme that … Continue reading

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The urge to collect

When we were smaller and young there were national pastimes, things to do that gripped the whole nation. One of these pastimes was the collection of cards. Not cigarette cards, they had been for the generation before. This time we … Continue reading

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Reflection: contemplation: a calm, lengthy, intent consideration

I have completed a baker’s dozen posts and they float in blog space; blog sphere. To me it’s my scribbling. Thirteen is a good point to pause and reflect on how my scribbling is going. Neatly I have thirteen reflections: … Continue reading

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I started and then I got distracted

My musing about my cold did not stop nor did my list of things I wanted to share. What did get in the way was wondering about how self-centered and introverted the world would become if all we did was … Continue reading

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