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Himalayan sweetheart

Glossy green ovates Beautiful blowsy blooms Finest tea-time plant Advertisements

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Of tall men, some with sticks

I have half formed ideas in my head. Words I feel will go together to form something classic, funny, pithy and grand. I have no idea why for once this might happen. I scribble not write and these ideas (vague thoughts … Continue reading

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The certainty of others

I sometimes think I missed a class perhaps one day at school I seem to lack the knack of others who know their place their part in life They are certain where they fit Or is it that they don’t admit … Continue reading

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Catalogue of sightings

We go through life seeing and not noticing what we see. This is my catalogue of recent sightings. Monday A line of people snaking out of the door feeding their coffee habit (or is it a cult). Each with a … Continue reading

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Patterns left behind

Its frosty, cold and sharp The sky has an orange tone and the puddles of standing water have frozen shut. The sheep sit huddled in bundles on the spiky, sharp grass Like me, they are waiting for the temperature to … Continue reading

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Camping in a Tent or Tenting in a Camp in Patagonia

I have written before about times in the past when I have had a cold. One of those times was in a tent in Patagonia and in the great tradition of coincidences a very lovely lady and her gentleman are … Continue reading

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The game of life – anyone got the right set of rules?

Today I am playing Backgammon on a Monopoly board with chess pieces for dice. I want tomorrow to be a jigsaw with big pieces that fit together first go. The trouble is I am playing the game of life and … Continue reading

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