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A peckish moment

A plump bird, the soft grey downy feathers looked warm and cosy, protecting the vulnerable breast. Brown legs designed for balancing, the muscles are taunt and tense, the perfect drumstick. Bright eyes are closed. His beak is open. Red berries … Continue reading

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Urban hunter

Four furry paws padding over the grass. Stealth and silence required. No rustled or crackled can give him away. And yet, like a beacon he sits stark black and white against the muted hues of green, brown and beige. An … Continue reading

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Himalayan sweetheart

Glossy green ovates Beautiful blowsy blooms Finest tea-time plant

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New perspectives

A beautiful winter morning provided some new perspectives The early morning light gives a new angle on the familiar world Up in the sky a big bellied beast lurks low on the horizon Crawling along in the circuit, the sun … Continue reading

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Corvus cacophony

They are the black birds of the Corvidae family. These birds are the blackest of black and they don’t have yellow eye rings and orange bills – they are not Blackbirds. The only styling they allow might be a touch of grey. … Continue reading

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Deakin’s dream catcher

It all began with woods. They are mixed deciduous woods and I can be there in less than 5 minutes. I have written about them before. At the moment the big scary dog with the red eyes has curtailed my … Continue reading

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Chewing the cud

Burnished bronze beasts Wallow in the bright green grass The only movement a flick of the tail and constant regular chewing. A circle of movement as they ruminate Goes round and round Reaping the rewards of their efforts And for … Continue reading

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The East Croydon Bank

I pass through East Croydon twice a day at least eight times a week. Generally my commuting highlights appear when I am closer to home and in the countryside. Frankly, if I stop and think about it I am biased … Continue reading

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The Gorgeous (ex-battery) Girls

Before Christmas I wrote about the Chicken Christmas Card and how the new ex-battery girls were quite frankly a mess. No feathers, bald, shy, unsure. You can see from the Christmas card that one of them is so embarrassed that … Continue reading

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Worms have feelings too

I have a wormery, part of my contribution to recycle and save the environment. The worms and their home were delivered last July and I had no idea that their arrival would give me an extra responsibility in my life. … Continue reading

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