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Marvellous and Mundane

It is that time of year when memories are strong. Perhaps in the wind down to Xmas there is more space for them to come into our minds. My memory bank was activated today, and I started to ponder. What … Continue reading

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Another step closer

Today is a good day and some would also describe it a bad day. It’s certainly a day when I took a step closer to what they say we all become. As a child growing up we always had a … Continue reading

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Special cake

Baking was an everyday activity in our house when I was little. The Bero cookery book was always to hand. You never cooked just one item in the oven; the oven was always filled up, with scones as big as … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

Having the rug pulled out from under your feet is unnerving, disorientating and leaves you vulnerable. It makes you cross and angry. Your life changes, austerity measures kick in and suddenly your opportunities are limited. Self improvement, sensible, grown up … Continue reading

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New perspectives

A beautiful winter morning provided some new perspectives The early morning light gives a new angle on the familiar world Up in the sky a big bellied beast lurks low on the horizon Crawling along in the circuit, the sun … Continue reading

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Not my local

Its 2012 and yet it could be much earlier in time. Walking through the door of an ancient coaching inn, wood beams and open fires, oak casks behind the bar. Our welcome is a hacking, guttural cough. In another place, culture, time … Continue reading

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Choices are tricky, you know what I mean, when you are keen to get it right Our plight is that moment of indecisiveness You waiver, wish you were braver And once again look with envy at someone elses right choice … Continue reading

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The sounds of christmas

For many the sounds of christmas might be carol singers round a tree, the crunch of a bauble under foot or the small bang of a cracker being pulled. When you spend a lot of time commuting you aim to … Continue reading

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City Skyline

For once, crisp, clear, cloud free air creates a slick sharp outline     A cluster of building blocks carefully arrangement by height No cones or curves, the lego bricks are regimented, yet casually random They catch our attention not because of … Continue reading

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Deakin’s dream catcher

It all began with woods. They are mixed deciduous woods and I can be there in less than 5 minutes. I have written about them before. At the moment the big scary dog with the red eyes has curtailed my … Continue reading

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