In Town

Monday afternoon on the river, well not on it right beside. After a wander through Covent Garden when I had been giving a nod to my memories jogged by the sights, the buildings that are my personal landmarks. The sun is sparkling on the light brown regular waves, the tide is almost in and the gulls and pigeons scurry along the shoreline.

There are stalls along the river today, a Christmas market that clutters the space I would usually stand and gaze across the River Thames. Hungerford footbridge has gone. There is no need to do the shuffling sprint to walk past the slow pacing tourists, hoping over the drain worn in the bridge’s tarmac coating. Jubilee Bridge is still smart and sharp.

Today the clutter does not make me cross. I am not in a hurry to be anywhere. I am sauntering with the tourists mingling amongst the languages. I can pretend that London is a new and unfamiliar place. In the sparkling light St Pauls, The Shard and the river really do look special.

These days I don’t really need to pretend. I transit across town not pausing. That is why this Monday afternoon – on a half days leave – is so special.

A quiet afternoon to re-connect with an exceptional city.

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2 Responses to In Town

  1. OpinionsToGo says:

    How lovely to get the chance to ‘stop and smell the roses,’ or in your case. saunter with the tourists and enjoy the sights and sounds of your exceptional city.

  2. I agree. It gives a kind of relaxation even as I read about such beauty.

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