The joys of WFH

In life I am fortunate. There are many joys.
Today I was lucky enough to be working from home and this brought its own particular joys. I know we don’t all have this luxury, some don’t have a job; some are tied to their work location; some don’t have such an accommodating employer.
Today I was celebrating my good fortune and want to share my smiles with you.

The joys of working from home
You roll out of bed at a sensible hour, no need to get on the train and sit with smelly, sniffing people – unless of course you live with smelly, sniffing people or live on a train!
You switch on the kettle and the laptop and start thinking about what you want to get done without the fight of the london underground to distract you.
You crack on with your list of things to do and make rapid and sustained progress, stimulated by glances out of the window at the sunshine and the flowers.
It is easy to eat ice cream for breakfast.
You take the prescribed health and safety breaks from the screen, drink proper cups of tea and have time to talk to you colleagues properly (The telephone is an old and very good invention).
You may have the windows open and the “office” at a temperature that suites you and that means you hear bird song not traffic noise.
You long list of things to do reduces with satisfying speed, and you innovative thinking time grows.
A proper lunch break is taken – possibly sat in the sunshine and you vitamin D levels are topped up.
Connections are made with your local community – today I made one trip out front to put the rubbish out and I saw and spoke to 3 of my neighbours.
With space, you are able to plan future tasks and key activities and clarify who you need to work with on what.
You finish on time without the hideous reverse journey home and the pressure to catch the infrequent trains.
There is plenty of time for a perambulation around the village and through the lovely woods before you start your evening.
All told a productive and enjoyable day for me and my employer

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