New perspectives

A beautiful winter morning provided some new perspectives

The early morning light gives a new angle on the familiar world
Up in the sky a big bellied beast lurks low on the horizon
Crawling along in the circuit, the sun on it fuselage creates a firey glow on its belly
A dragon descending to Gatwick?

Skeins of pink and red light are smudged across the clouds
The sharp silhouette of a pigeon scoots across leaving no trail
It creates the iconic peace dove poster
Without the olive twig.

On the brow of the hill the birds stretch up with extended necks
Every beak faces the same way
Flamingos about to dance in perfect symmetry?
Their cackles give them away.

In the depths of a tree
A split second flash of light in a fuzzy light bulb
The filament is clear and bold
And then the bulb inverts into an errant tail being given a quick spit and polish

Sharp ice white across the clear blue openness
Did a celestial being open their pencil case and draw two straight lines
The start of a masterpiece?
Follow almost endless lines across the sky a tiny metallic toy can just be seen

Stock still sentries stand all on a row
Coats on, hair parted, unmoving
They must be decoys bound for Troy
A huff of frosted breath shows there is life in the old horse yet

A rare race
Sun burnished steel coated snakes rush along their tracks
South eastern against southern they charge along into the tunnel
And then stop the other side
Held at a red signal

For a few moments it was a lovely land of myths and legends
Backlit by the sun, reality can be lovely (sometimes)
Now the fantastic, fantasy visions are gone
It is all standard day in the life matter of fact stuff.

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2 Responses to New perspectives

  1. ElPapa says:

    Lovely description of visions do they just come to you or is there a lot of thought involved?

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