Choices are tricky, you know what I mean, when you are keen to get it right
Our plight is that moment of indecisiveness
You waiver, wish you were braver
And once again look with envy at someone elses right choice

Wrong place right time, right moment wrong mood
Why is our judgement so crude, so undeveloped that we stutter and fail
Yet another tale of “if only”; “it might have been” or “I wish I had”
It can be so sad when we get it wrong

That split second, the difference between fairy tale princess and nightmarish ghoul
When life goes bad, mad or makes you glad to be alive
It is all we can do to thrive.

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1 Response to Choices

  1. Judith says:

    Having just made a difficult choice which I may well come to regret this really struck a chord with me.

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