The sounds of christmas

For many the sounds of christmas might be carol singers round a tree, the crunch of a bauble under foot or the small bang of a cracker being pulled. When you spend a lot of time commuting you aim to use your time productively. That means my fellow passengers are busy engaged in christmas preparations whilst on the train.

Rustle, stop, slide, stop, jab, jab,jab, rustle, rustle, rustle – to the well-trained ear is the sound of someone working their way through a pack of Xmas cards. They have a list of addresses to hand. Envelopes get written, greeting for christmas and the new year are imparted and stamps get firm;y stuck (the days when we licked stamps are over).

Flip, flip pause….. sharp intake of breath… pause, rustle, pop, click, flip, flip repeat – a systematic review of the charity catalogue to find the perfect presents, paper wrapping and tags.

Internet shopping is generally quite quiet. A lot of silent finger jabbing and screen flicking goes unnoticed until the heavy sigh. Either the connection allows the transaction to be completed (sigh of satisfaction) or groan of frustration “your purchase has failed”.

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1 Response to The sounds of christmas

  1. CAS says:

    Sally said – “Cool (Yule)! Is it just me or has this crimble come round quicker than any other?”

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