The East Croydon Bank

I pass through East Croydon twice a day at least eight times a week. Generally my commuting highlights appear when I am closer to home and in the countryside. Frankly, if I stop and think about it I am biased and usually sleep, work or read for the urban part of my journey.

A few days ag0 (Thursday) my commuting was over for a few days and I was relaxing on the train. I was tired, not tired enough to fall into that awful “nodding dog sleep”, in fits and starts as my head falls to my chest.

I listen to music and look out of the window. I look at just the moment when the train passes the East Croydon bank. A large quite steep bank of waste land above the track. Its delightful and shames me into thinking about my usual out or the window routine.

Today the East Croydon bank has foxgloves – pink & white, some yellow daisys and it is a mass of greens, different hues and shades all competing and tightly packed in. In early spring the bank has daffodils, creating a sea of yellow. The bluebells flower  spare and ethereal they float above the bank. Dandelions had a short season and now it is foxgloves and perhaps if we are lucky some poppies might appear.

It is time for a re-evaluation, I shall, if I get a  window seat, sit with my nose pressed to the window from Crowborough to Oxted (that’s the usual routine). A snooze through the next bit and then a quick wake up and look between south and east croydon. I shall have to change my timings if I am going in the other direction of course, and perhaps peer round some fat commuter  reading the paper.

I think it is worth it and I expect you to take a look next time you travel past the East Croydon bank.

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