Lost emotion and no expression

I work hard to find a little piece of joy in every day. I have my standards, my values, my likes and dislikes and by finding a daily piece of joy and delight I aim to have a good day everyday (or at least part of  it). What started out as a bit of a game, has become part of my routine. It’s about living now in the present. Present means “a gift” as well as “here” and “the now”.

I am finding my joy in my life. Looking around me I am  puzzled and worried about other people. They sit with down turned mouths, in a  flat, miserable and defiant posture speaking in tones that relay the latest dire escaped in their lives. Even when describing an interesting and enjoyable event, for the vast number of the people in the south east of England, this is always tempered by some negatives, a piece of spite, or callous comment and jibes about someone else. A smile rarely crosses people’s faces as they pass through the day. It all about telling others how bad things are, moaning about what someone
else did, not did, should have done or failed to do. It is always someone else’s

It saddens and appals me some days when my level of cheer is a little low. That is why I think it is important for me to say this out loud.

Find some joy in your life, something that ticks your values. That makes you
smile and lifts your mood. Hold it and use that good feeling it creates to make
you happy and make the most of your day. This is not a religion, a cult or me
selling something to you. It is about getting the most out of the life you and
I have.

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