It all lights up

He is a study of concentration,
focussed and oblivious to anything that is happening close by
This task requires concentration and a close attention to detail
Not skills he has gripped fully.

Sometimes it is ok and other times, it is a fuzzy mess
No co-ordination, fingers and hands don’t work and the pens,
after being carefully selected skitter across the page out of control
It is frustrating and bemusing. Skills that come and go

Today the skills and co-ordination have all come along to join in
and as a result it is going pretty well
That little wiggle as the big, fat, red pen sneaked over the line is a blip
It does mean that the lady is a little fatter than she should be

He gets close to the end, and dares to look round for a potential audience, some critics
The final flourish and “Ta-da”
with a beaming smile the small boy holds up his colouring to be admired
His face lights up with glee
A brilliant and pretty picture and a triump over adversity.

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1 Response to It all lights up

  1. ElPapa says:

    great description of observation you get better

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