The exciting life of Mini Trevor

Mini Trevor felt a frisson of anticipation, something was going on and he was the centre of all the attention. Objects were massing in a cloud around him, some ordered and some chaotic. One with sparkles appeared and the later was whisked away again. Where had it gone? He fancied a bit of sparkle right now. Sparkle always had great stories to tell.
He needed to be patient, play the long game.

There was no point in peaking too early and being exhausted before it began. He knew that he would be required to meet the challenge whatever it might be. He shuffled from room to room and finally settled in the bedroom. Lying down flat on his back was comfortable and quite relaxing. He dozed and idly wondered when he would know and where.

The cloud of objects started to come to order in front of him and began their march inside. He breathed gently and took it all on board, quietly saying hello to old friends and asking the sharper more solid visitors to try and adjust their hard edges to accommodate the others. Puffed up now he knew it was very close.

He whizzed down the stairs, out the door and into the darkness. He had seen some colourful and exotic money as he passed by and there were defiantly train tickets lots of them. This was going to be great. Thirty minutes later and he was puzzled. He was getting out and this really was not exotic. Most of his friends were not needed here. Maybe it was as stop over. Again he lay and breathed letting things evolve quietly.

Five thirty am. A very rude awakening and again whizzing out the door and into a different darkness. He had a new companion and they exchanged news and gossip as they caught up. Then out into the very cold and Mini Trevor was in his element. Concentrating on moving and aiming to glide and not get caught and hop inelegantly. Keep up, keep up over polished floors and into a high flying space and then out of the door.

Now, this was perfect, the reason why he existed. They were in France, Paris France, trundling down freshly cleaned streets, dodging the traffic and soaking up the new sounds and smells. Pavement cafes and funny little dogs with pointy ears; a plaza with a fountain and the up a step through a door with gold handles and onto a marbled floor.

Mini Trevor breathed a sigh of contentment. Mission accomplished a perfect execution. He spun his wheels in delight as he was unzipped and the shoes, clothes, lotions and potions were unpacked from inside. He was carefully placed in a French wardrobe to chat with his old companion before the return journey.

[“Trevor” is named after Trevor Chaplin in Alan Plater’s book The Biederebecke Trilogy. A stalwart somewhat battered suitcase he enjoys extended breaks a week or perhaps two. He is much travelled and enjoys the sunshine. He has no time for the frivolity of the short or mini break also known as the long week-end. His capacity is far larger. Mini Trevor is of course his smaller brother with all the requisite features. Like Big Al to Little Norm they are a perfect team.]

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