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The exciting life of Mini Trevor

Mini Trevor felt a frisson of anticipation, something was going on and he was the centre of all the attention. Objects were massing in a cloud around him, some ordered and some chaotic. One with sparkles appeared and the later … Continue reading

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Worms have feelings too

I have a wormery, part of my contribution to recycle and save the environment. The worms and their home were delivered last July and I had no idea that their arrival would give me an extra responsibility in my life. … Continue reading

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Shades of grey

It is a pale grey expanse, flat, flawed and without flowers. A car park; the place where we leave our metallic beasts of burden. Above the sky is a limited palate of colours; goose grey. The barriers are dull brushed … Continue reading

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The scent of a memory

I don’t iron. Living out of a bag for over 2 years when at times water, especially hot water was the ultimate luxury. I realised very quickly that clothes that could be washed and dried quickly and worn again were … Continue reading

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Waking in a new place

Its different waking up on the river. If you are lucky enough to stay on the river as a guest the first thing you notice is the gentle (and mostly) quiet movement of your bed and you realise that it … Continue reading

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