The certainty of others

I sometimes think I missed a class perhaps one day at school
I seem to lack the knack of others who know their place their part in life
They are certain where they fit
Or is it that they don’t admit to being a little lost
Is it just me at sea
Afloat doing nothing much of note and wondering how others are so certain.

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4 Responses to The certainty of others

  1. This is lovely, sad but lovely. I’m not sure anyone knows exactly where they fit all the time. I think it might just be that some parts of our lives are more like our most comfortable pair of shoes, while others are like party high-heels.

  2. CAS says:

    You are right. Will kick off the high heels & put on the tiger feet slippers – Thank you.

  3. Judith says:

    I agree with Sharon. It is a lovely and sad poem. And it isn’t just you who feels at sea. I feel the same way even though I’m wearing my extra warm slipper socks.

  4. Denoyer says:

    You are a talented blogger, and I absolutely enjoy reading your posts.

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