Catalogue of sightings

We go through life seeing and not noticing what we see.
This is my catalogue of recent sightings.

A line of people snaking out of the door feeding their coffee habit (or is it a cult).
Each with a unique way of warding off the elements.
A hat; a swaddling scarf; plain umbrella; a brolly with ears and a slick of hair gel.

Sitting sheep, gambling sheep.
A pheasant glowing like rubies and garnets in the grey cold grass. Its collar of white pearls looking smart.
A solitary deer signalling with its skut to other lurking, perhaps in the undergrowth.

Two cats behind a ramshackle shed.
One black, one tabby, big fluffy cats with orange or yellow flecked eyes.
Circling each other wary or with glee it’s impossible to say without pausing to watch and decipher the patterns and path they choose to take.

A couple deeply engrossed, oblivious to the world around them.
Facing each other she is smaller and petite.
They hold hands and he bends his knees so they can rub noses, communing in the cold.
Wearing knitted hats they look much younger than they are.

A young chap dressed all in black, he has the shuffling gait of an old man.
Knees bent; feet dragging, he juggles two school bags and tries to keep up with the gang.
He shouts and en-mass they turn, his impudence is rewarded.
With grins and chuckles they wait and with a slap on the back he is enfolded into the group inside not out.

Glimpsed through a lit window a kitchen set out like a stage.
Shiny pans, bright red pots, a pile of leeks green and white, clean on the board waiting to be chopped; an onion ready to be diced.
The flames are lit under a pan. All that is missing is the chef.
Who might enter stage left of right, pick up the gleaming knife and begin.

A gentleman cleaning his car in the street.
He looked neat and tidy in his v-neck sweater and wellies.
Huffing and puffing as he swabbed away the salt and grime, ready for the next drive out.

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1 Response to Catalogue of sightings

  1. olga kotova says:

    I love your collection. 🙂 Maybe some people see things too. But the question is – How they see it.
    “All men have stars,”says the Little Prince,”but they are not the same things for different people.”

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