Reflection: contemplation: a calm, lengthy, intent consideration

I have completed a baker’s dozen posts and they float in blog space; blog sphere. To me it’s my scribbling. Thirteen is a good point to pause and reflect on how my scribbling is going. Neatly I have thirteen reflections:

  1. It is easier to spend time on the layout and colours of a page than it is to start writing.
  2. Ideas come in a rush. They are forgotten quickly almost before they arrive.
  3. My attention span in short and my creative thoughts low-wattage. Consequently I keep my posts short.
  4. I like poetry.
  5. I am not entirely sure what poetry is.
  6. I am amazed that I have been happy to write about myself. Usually very private I say more when I scribble that I would ever say face to face.
  7. I am excited when people leave comments. Although I am bemused by some of the spam comments I received.
  8. Writing before I am due to sleep is a recipe for a sleepless rest.
  9. Site statistics are addictive.
  10. To feed my statistics addiction, I have started marketing using a split personality.
  11. Some words I use a lot: things & stuff are just two.
  12. Writing and then reading aloud what I have written makes me wince. It’s uncomfortable. Then I remind myself a little stretch is a good thing.
  13. Scribbling is a fantastic joy and a distraction. If for a small moment I jog a memory; create some space or bring a smile that’s marvellous.
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2 Responses to Reflection: contemplation: a calm, lengthy, intent consideration

  1. A great baker’s dozen. Each sparking a moment of recognition for me.

    More please …


  2. CAS says:

    Thank you – I will keep going. Still aspire to the RPS standard of writing.

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