My star man

My star man is my constant, my safe person and he is very important.
Someone I remember when I need him and when I do, he always does the right thing. Until now he has been a secret probably because he is particularly important to me because my mum introduced us.

I don’t’ remember when, I must have been small. Walking home in the dark and I was probably feeling a little bit afraid. My mum pointed him out. She explained how to look for him, how to find him by what he was wearing and what he was doing. He’s not flamboyant, in fact he is rather under dressed. He has very bright shiny shoes, a belt and sword, and for us his bow.

I expect the first time we were introduced I saw him and immediately forgot. It probably took a few introductions before I could recognise him myself. Now many years on, he is like so many things I just know him without remembering exactly when we met.

He is there all the time, moving across the sky and I can only see him in the winter. It is strange that in the summer I do not worry without him. It’s in the winter that I need him and when I do see him inside I say “there he is” and it makes me smile or nod or pause and think. Why? Because he makes me think of my mum and all the things she had time to teach me and the values she passed on. I lost my mum in the winter and that’s the time I think of her the most. Times like today when I am a little sad and need a hug.

I think I shall pop out in a while and see if the cloud has cleared and say hello to my star man – Orion.

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4 Responses to My star man

  1. This is lovely. It feels as though you are really getting into your stride with this writing thing – keep at it!

  2. Liz says:

    Loved it. I have no memory of how I met him, and yet know it was through mum too. He’s followed me across continents and as a family we look for him out of the car window on long drives. S & K snigger at the “Where’s Orion” neck craning – they’ve been waiting for it.

  3. El Papa says:

    I dont remember meeting him. The blog brought happy memories but made me sad until a voice , that lives inside me, and you will remember, said dont be silly.

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