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The certainty of others

I sometimes think I missed a class perhaps one day at school I seem to lack the knack of others who know their place their part in life They are certain where they fit Or is it that they don’t admit … Continue reading

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Catalogue of sightings

We go through life seeing and not noticing what we see. This is my catalogue of recent sightings. Monday A line of people snaking out of the door feeding their coffee habit (or is it a cult). Each with a … Continue reading

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Three voices with souls

One Her voice is small, it has a soft tone. Nothing strident and bullish in how she speaks. The words she uses and the life she leads are extraordinary. Her actions are philanthropic. She supports others in deeds and actions … Continue reading

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Patterns left behind

Its frosty, cold and sharp The sky has an orange tone and the puddles of standing water have frozen shut. The sheep sit huddled in bundles on the spiky, sharp grass Like me, they are waiting for the temperature to … Continue reading

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How has your day been?

Kerougharghgheaghk I shout and with a huge amount of effort (superhuman you could say) I manage not to hurl anything across the room. Right, I look around with bloodshot eyes. Who’s next? I can tell you are all sitting there … Continue reading

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Reflection: contemplation: a calm, lengthy, intent consideration

I have completed a baker’s dozen posts and they float in blog space; blog sphere. To me it’s my scribbling. Thirteen is a good point to pause and reflect on how my scribbling is going. Neatly I have thirteen reflections: … Continue reading

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My star man

My star man is my constant, my safe person and he is very important. Someone I remember when I need him and when I do, he always does the right thing. Until now he has been a secret probably because … Continue reading

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