Camping in a Tent or Tenting in a Camp in Patagonia

I have written before about times in the past when I have had a cold. One of those times was in a tent in Patagonia and in the great tradition of coincidences a very lovely lady and her gentleman are off to Patagonia (amongst an enormous list of other places) very soon. A request for ideas on what to do was a wonderful opportunity for me to reminisce about Patagonia and living in a tent.

Time in tents can be testing
Only use your tent for resting
Otherwise you may find
That you loose your mind

The space looks cosy, soft and warm
Its great provided there’s no storm
When it rains you’ll have wet clothes
With the noise you cannot doze

Your tent is lit up by your torch
And if your are lucky it has a porch
Valuable space to stash your bits
Including plastics, harness and mitts

The silence is always shattered by a zip
The blow up mattress never cushions your hip
You must dress in stages lying down
And these logistics will make you frown

Yet when you look outside your flaps
Provided you have read the maps
You will be in a wonderland
Up a hill, by a lake or on the sand

That’s the point of tenting you see
To sleep in places that fill you with glee
My months in a tent in Patagonia were the best
Another day I’ll tell you the rest

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