Leaving the Big Tower and not by choice

We are being disbanded, deleted and its
Driving destructive doubts into our fragile minds
Our days here are numbered

Dare we desire, dream a little, depart from the norm
To do something extraordinary, exhilarating and exciting
That does take nerve

To step off the edge and free fall
Fast and furious to a far away place
Some where new and fresh

Already its started people are going,
Going, some are gone.
Great people and good people

It feels horrid, hopeless
We are hapless victims
Hoping for a haven that somehow matches what we have had

You are incredible individuals
You have imagination, innovation
And you will overcome this injustice

It is a journey of discovery
And whenever you jump and make your choices I know
You will re-discover your joie de vivre

(C) CAS December 2010

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2 Responses to Leaving the Big Tower and not by choice

  1. Kath B says:

    Aaagh you’ve made me blub x

  2. Philip says:

    so strange its been coming for so long yet so sudden.

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