Wobbly auto pilot

I am in control it’s fine “all good” as they say (stupid expression, hate it, but no space for that right now). Then I step off the kerb – crash – it’s much further than and I think a jarring, jolt. I am still upright.
I just left the office Christmas party and I am trying to navigate home.

Focus and concentrate, it is left and left again – not Victoria, Charing Cross. And remember to look purposeful. Purposeful makes me concentrate.
I am fine, but fuzzy at the edges, on my own and after a few hours of shouting to make myself heard I am really hoarse.

Charing Cross there it is.
Right close one eye and read the neon sign. Tunbridge Wells, Platform 6; 22.45, even better the barriers are open; I just need to check that it really goes there.
“’scuse me” I croak “I can’t see very well, does this go to Tunbridge Wells?”

Safely on the train I start to chuckle. I should have been honest.
Too much red wine
I can’t read the sign
It’s ok, really, I’m fine

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2 Responses to Wobbly auto pilot

  1. I loved this – and I could completely picture you taking every step.
    Hope it was a good night.

  2. CAS says:

    Thank you – we have all been there. It was a smashing evening tinged with some sadness. AC folk did themselves proud with laughs, cheesy dancing and loads of good chat.

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