Re-enforcing the corners

It is a dilemma, so many decisions to take
You browse, you ponder, circling around
Tracing the same patterns and touching the same points.
Then you rustle home to lay out your spoils
Small heaps that might meet expectations and bring joy.

Should they be individual or
Should they be bundles that spill their thrill in a cascade.
Snipping and sticking, adding the names, you still fret
How will they be received.

It makes a pretty show, the paper shiny and tight.
But there’s always one, with too many angles, a corner poking out,
Each time it tears and hairs from the carpet get stuck
Will it ever be right.

Finally corners complete and fluff removed,
They join the glitzy pile under the tree.
No hiding now, and as you unwrap
Do you see a gift or tarnished tat.

(c) CAS December 2010

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1 Response to Re-enforcing the corners

  1. kevin says:

    tarnished tat !
    who’s that for then?

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