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The DIY expeditions

 “Right, what is the objective here and how and I going to get it done?” Internal self-talk is a prerequisite for my DIY expeditions. I have to know what I am aiming for and then agilely adapt as things don’t … Continue reading

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Camping in a Tent or Tenting in a Camp in Patagonia

I have written before about times in the past when I have had a cold. One of those times was in a tent in Patagonia and in the great tradition of coincidences a very lovely lady and her gentleman are … Continue reading

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The game of life – anyone got the right set of rules?

Today I am playing Backgammon on a Monopoly board with chess pieces for dice. I want tomorrow to be a jigsaw with big pieces that fit together first go. The trouble is I am playing the game of life and … Continue reading

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Leaving the Big Tower and not by choice

We are being disbanded, deleted and its Driving destructive doubts into our fragile minds Our days here are numbered Dare we desire, dream a little, depart from the norm To do something extraordinary, exhilarating and exciting That does take nerve … Continue reading

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Wobbly auto pilot

I am in control it’s fine “all good” as they say (stupid expression, hate it, but no space for that right now). Then I step off the kerb – crash – it’s much further than and I think a jarring, … Continue reading

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Re-enforcing the corners

It is a dilemma, so many decisions to take You browse, you ponder, circling around Tracing the same patterns and touching the same points. Then you rustle home to lay out your spoils Small heaps that might meet expectations and … Continue reading

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The Chicken Christmas Card *updated with photo*

Do read the tale of a special Chicken Christmas Card. This card is not for sale you can buy chicken card from the Hens Welfare Trust. “I’ll come over and visit” I confirmed, “just for the day and we can … Continue reading

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How did they decide on the name?

When you are a bit of a Birder, it’s very exciting to see new visitors. All week I have been feeding and watering the birds. Great tits; blue tits; sparrows and dunnocks; (male) blackbirds and a female blackbird in fancy … Continue reading

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Hot Water Bottles

One of the best accessories for winter. When I was little my Grandma had a collection of hot water bottles. We called them “hotti botties”. They hung in a row on the back of the door to the cupboard under … Continue reading

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It is back…

A poem about one of the biggest factors that shape my life. Pulsing Ache Insistent Nag leaves fleetingly then back crushing my release (c) CAS December 2010 Pulsing  Ache Insistent Nag

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