I started and then I got distracted

My musing about my cold did not stop nor did my list of things I wanted to share. What did get in the way was wondering about how self-centered and introverted the world would become if all we did was write and then read what others had written online. I am already a hermit in the making and the global internet age, of whatever it is called this week creates isolation and potential loneliness.
That coupled with the fact that none of what we have to say or share is really that important, very quickly takes us to the edge of life the universe and everything. I have another cold and therefore feel I have the luxury of not doing anything important, as I will not do it well. So I came back to thinking about colds and discovered rather aptly that colds are viruses that some say are “organisms at the edge of life”.
It seems that opinions differ on whether viruses are a form of life, or organic structures that interact with living organisms. Viruses are described as “organisms at the edge of life”, since they resemble organisms in that they possess genes and evolve by natural selection, and reproduce by creating multiple copies of themselves through self-assembly.
Right now I have many multiple copies coursing through my body and if does feel a little like they are assembling themselves in my head. I am left wondering what will happen next. Will my head explode, will my body defeat the intruder life form or will the cold, like me remain an organism on the edge of life?
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1 Response to I started and then I got distracted

  1. Well… ‘organisms on the edge of life’ – within two minutes of starting a blog you’ve taught me something new – thank you!
    I really hope that you’ll see very very soon that blogging is the complete opposite of being self-centered and introverted – I can’t believe how many caring, genuinely supportive people I’ve come across via blogging – people who I actually genuinely care about now, who I would never have heard of if I hadn’t started sharing some of my thoughts out there and reading theirs.
    So, enough of sounding like I’m your grandma – but just keep writing and see what happens.

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