When you have time to reflect

I have a hideous and rotten cold. It’s caused me to reflect on the times in the past when I have also been suffering with a cold. In no particular order these times were:

– When I was living in a tent in Patagonia;
– When I decided I could not live in that house and went looking for somewhere to rent;
– The start of a new relationship and my newly discovered “beloved” had gone skiing;
– And now, in a house I love when it has been pouring with rain for days. A house that I might not be able to keep.
I realised when musing that at all these time I was at a key point or a crossroads in my life. Points of adventure, decision or times of change. Could it be that my body at these times is so diverted by these events, it does not have the time or the energy to fight off the cold and keep me well?
I commented on these times on facebook and a good friend, and avid blogger told me –“Get better soon – and then start writing a blog – there are too many stories there to fit on facebook!”
Through the sniffles and the coughs I thought “why not” and here is the beginning.
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